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Not a Tech Blogger is Getting Her Money’s Worth

As a budget minded consumer who a)likes the iPad but doesn't have iPad dough and b)could afford a netbook but thinks they are hideous in the face of a sleek tablet I still do all of my writing on my Toshiba Satellite at home. However after studying my own phone use habits I realized that I do more computing on my phone than talking, so…

The budget minded non-tech person that I am has decided to run her iPhone until the wheels fall off. I am still new at this iphone thing. As a converted Blackberry abuser I bought the cheapest iPhone model possible at the time (12/09) a 3G and have been pleased with the phone but not the service.

Since June I've loaded a bunch of apps and been pleased with one and woefully disappointed in others which I guess would be the case with so many to choose from. Now I've got them narrowed down to the most used. What I was missing was a mean to publish longer form blog posts by phone. The first experiment is this post right now via the free (of course) Typepad app.

Why Typepad, why first? This blog was originally hosted on Vox, which shuts down 9/30/10. I planned to convert to Posterous but couldn't get it to work. The Typepad conversion was instant, maybe because they are both Six Apart products.

Some folk may scoff at writing full on posts by phone, I'm good with it though. The way I see it I'd much rather strike while the creative or story iron is hot with the most readily available tool then chance losing the thought on my way to the laptop.

Do you blog by phone? What apps do you use?

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