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The Posterous Problem

Update: part of this is cut off. Under the Add IP address (A Record) below I have the register.com address on the left and the posterous IP address on the right and it shows that when I log into register.com

I registered a domain name with register.com for my posterous and followed the instructions but am still getting this error:

Oops. We ran into 1 problem!

Try to fix these issues and try again.

  • Virtual host is not currently pointing to the right place. We found:

    Please set your DNS servers to the correct address (A record to 'XX.XXX.XXX.XX') and try again.

    I have it set correctly on register.com, I think:


    Add more IP addresses by filling in the fields below. Please click Continue when finished. 

    .mssoulpower.com   points to    Delete
    .mssoulpower.com   points to    
    .mssoulpower.com   points to    

    What else do I need to do?

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