Daddy’s Office – #1 Fusion Funk Jazz

We lived in a brick house on 12th Street,
probably my favorite home of the places we lived in. My dad had an office,
right in between the dining room and the living room. In that office housed his
desk, his work and most importantly to me, his music. It was in this house, in Daddy’s office that
I was first authorized to touch his stereo system. I was fairly young, around
seven or so, when he showed me how to work it. What knobs on the receiver we
work what we called back then, the record player and what knobs would work the eight
track player. He was and still is a big
time audiophile, and thankfully into component systems instead of those
monstrous all-in-one wooden units. He’s been an owner of vitually every music
related piece of technology except for a DAT machine, including way way back in
the day a reel-to-reel. In Daddy’s
office, on Daddy’s stereo was where my musical tastes were formed. Daddy’s Office is a sampling of some of the
music heard in the office or inspired by it and the memories that were created

The first entry from Daddy’s office, is dedicated to what we
now call jazz fusion, funk jazz and smooth jazz. Back then I didn’t have any earthly idea what
it was. All I knew was that it sounded
good, it was a good backdrop for anything that was going on around the house
and that daddy always played his music the same way I do to this day, LOUDLY! Enjoy.

Note: The version of Scratch is a MUCH later live
version, if you have the original recording, please hit me up.

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