Daddy’s Office –# 2, The Philly Influence

The Sound of Philadelphia dominated Daddy’s office and radio
airwaves for a period of time in the 70’s. The sound of Philly soul was largely
crafted by producers
and production teams which included Kenneth
and Leon Huff,
Thom Bell, Linda Creed, Gene McFadden
and John Whitehead
Bunny Sigler, Dexter Wansel,
Joe Tarsia and others.
The artists included in this week’s segment are either Philly artists or
non-natives who were blessed by Philadelphia production talent. You’ll also
note that there are two groups that have two selections on the list, The O’Jays
and The Stylistics. The choice to include more than one selection from them was
simple. In Daddy’s office, these two groups dominated and were the ones most
often sung by the family and the ones that were most often played in the car. For more information on Philadelphia soul
artists, check out:

A House on Fire: The Rise
and Fall of Philadelphia Soul by
John A. Jackson


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